Unmasking Hour

Unmasking Hour Cover

Chip Langford is in federal prison. Not the cushy golf course kind of place, but prison. By the time he gets out, he will have missed his children growing up. Chip was a normal, good boy that grew on a farm in lower Alabama. He was on track to be the next boy wonder: farm boy to billionaire. Chip, however, had secrets, lots of secrets. When his day of calamity came it was as if the earth opened up and sucked Chip in  —  Chip and everything and everyone around him.

In the novel  Unmasking Hour (unpublished) author Brandon L. Blankenship follows Chip Langford from the farm to the world of big finance. From the world of big finance to prison.

On each side of the doors that Chip will walk through are crepe myrtles, red crepe myrtles. As he walks past them, will that be the end? Will that be the last chapter of his life?

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