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Talking to Clients During a Pandemic

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Talking to clients during a pandemic is a best practice. Actually, talking with clients is always a best practice. If you are not already doing it, during a pandemic might be a great opportunity to develop the habit.

Clients will remember who communicated with them, and who didn’t.

Brandon L. Blankenship

Brandon Blankenship
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One thought on “Talking to Clients During a Pandemic


    “We’ve always encouraged team members to pick up the phone, rather than invariably resort to email or instant messaging, but now it’s even more important than ever to increase the frequency of voice or video contact and help diminish the sense of isolation.”

    — Peggy Giunta, chief legal personnel and professional development officer at WilmerHale, discussing how practice group leaders can promote a sense of community within the firm while staff is working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic

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