Unmasking Hour Cover

Unmasking Hour

Chip Langford is in federal prison. Not the cushy golf course kind of place, but prison. By the time he gets out, he will have missed his children growing up. Chip was a normal, good boy that grew on a farm in lower Alabama. He was on track to be the next boy wonder: farm […]

Nobility Academy

Where Enemy in the Camp is a cautionary tale, Nobility Academy identifies ordinary people doing extraordinary things and then fleshes out noble characteristics through the power of story. The focus of the Academy is both personal and professional. Personally, it is a path to identify with the noble characteristics that others have fleshed out. Professionally, […]

Enemy In The Camp

This Continuing Legal Education Course follows the fictionalized story of Chip Langford as he leaves his small farm town and moves to Birmingham to become a lawyer and owner of a small finance company. You can’t help but route for Chip as he struggles to fill the role of husband, father, church leader, public servant, […]