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Brandon L. Blankenship is an engaging speaker. He is best known for involving his audience in his talks, especially during Q and A.

He has spoken to hundreds of audiences.


Brandon was the first speaker that I would go back to hear again. -C. Rockefeller

What you can expect working with Brandon


Brandon's speaking style is warm and accessible. As a seasoned speaker and group leader, he engages his audiences in his presentations, making them feel both comfortable and energized.

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Brandon places a high value on developing a strong relationship with meeting planners and clients. He researches extensively for his speaking engagements, and makes sure to customize talks to fit the specific needs of the audience. His deep background in speaking, training and development means that his events are professional, relevant and stress-free.

Brandon and Ms. Betty at the Antique Road Show

Engaged Community

Brandon has a broad, passionate, diverse and smart network. Where appropriate for public events, Brandon engages with his large social media following and gives a positive social boost to conferences. With followers on Twitter, he is known for driving traffic and engagement to companies, causes and events.

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 Enemy in the Camp - The CLE

Of all people, I can't believe she cheated on me. We were married 25 years, you know. She is the mother of my three children. And what's worse, she cheated with my best friend.

In a betrayal like this one, Brandon pulls from the narrative of the fictionalized story of Chip Langford to illustrate the application of professional rules in real life situations.

Chip Langford was the sort of person that you wanted as a good friend. He married young and worked hard to support his family as a state trooper. After experiencing the death and loss that happened to family after family from gruesome automobile crashes, he couldn't take it anymore. He left law enforcement and moved his family to Birmingham, Alabama to attend law school. 

To pay the bills, he worked as a law office administrator. Somehow, he carved out enough time to own a small company on the side, go to church and take his wife on a date every Friday night.

Today, he is in federal prison after stealing millions of dollars during perhaps the shortest legal career in U.S. history.

You should come away from Enemy in the Camp with:

  1. Six tools to identify a hidden enemy in your office or life right now.
  2. Three practices to keep the hidden enemy out of your life and office.
  3. One sentence that protects the assets of your firm.
  4. Ousting a member of your firm: Breaking up doesn't have to be hard to do.
  5. A practical method for investigating and defending a bar grievance.
  6. Two practices to avoid a bar grievance in the first place.
  7. A practical method for investigating and defending civil lawsuits.
  8. Three practices to avoid a civil lawsuit in the first place.
  9. The wrong way to build a law practice beautifully illustrated.
  10. One easy step to build a six figure income practicing law.
  11. Stress and Strauma: finding peace in the storm.
  12. How to rebuild: Bad Facts to Best Practice.


Enemy in the Camp - For Business

This presentation is re-targeted for business owners, managers and supervisors rather than attorneys. Instead of illustrating Professional Rules, Brandon pulls from the narrative of Chip Langford's story to illustrate the application of best business practices in real life situations.

Half and whole day workshops are also available for these courses.



Questions? Contact mailto:support@brandonlblankenship.com or call 205-912-8248.