Nobility Academy

Where Enemy in the Camp is a cautionary tale, Nobility Academy identifies ordinary people doing extraordinary things and then fleshes out noble characteristics through the power of story.

The focus of the Academy is both personal and professional. Personally, it is a path to identify with the noble characteristics that others have fleshed out. Professionally, it is a response to those who seek to reduce professionalism to carnival hucksterism.

I have several ongoing needs in the Academy:

  1. Help editing and condensing nobility stories into a middle school curriculum.
  2. Identfying attorneys that did something extraordinary and researching the story.
  3. Input on viable alternative to carnival hucksterism (ambulance chasing, television advertising and selling the “big check” mentality).

Click here to get added to the mailing list for nobility stories. If you you can help with any of the above please call me at (205)912-8248.