Healthcare Reforms

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The last objective may seem disconnected from the others. Neither law enforcement nor criminal justice, however, can be reformed without broader societal reform. I have already briefly touched on education. Here, I touch on healthcare. Healthcare impacts the full range of human life from birth to death. Healthcare professionals are esteemed and the impact of […]

Judicial System Reform

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While watching the eight minute and 46 second video of George Floyd’s death it is hard to explain the conduct of the law enforcement officers as anything but abuse of force and criminal. It would be easy to presume the officers’ guilt and dispense with due process, the steps of justice. Even so, they are […]


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Generally, good decisions are based on good information. Good information does not guarantee good decisions. But bad information almost always results in bad decisions. Where citizens play a role in the government decision-making process, such as in a democratic republic, access to accurate and timely information is required for good decision making. The default rule […]

Eliminate For-Profit Prisons

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Prison is one of the main ways criminals are punished in the United States. Traditionally, upon being determined guilty in a court of law a criminal may be sentenced to a definite time in prison. Although there may not be agreement about the objective of prison, the use of imprisoning criminals for justice is universally […]

Qualified Immunity

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It is not enough to only know about law enforcement misconduct. Transparency in government is only as powerful as the citizen’s right to give the data voice, meaningful voice. The third law of motion applies to the government as much as any other discipline. For every action, there is an equal and opposite action. When […]