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I am stumped. Every time I talk with a lawyer lately, they want to talk about lawyer advertising. It really gets my attention when I am travelling. It is certainly the first thing I see as I enter every city. Lawyer advertising on billboards appears often before the sign welcoming me to the city. Most channels on the television are full of lawyers advertising their services in commercials.1

Why Am I Stumped?

Based on the numerous conversations I am having with attorneys, I decided to start researching the issue of legal advertising.2 After a considerable amount of research, I decided to do a simple poll on LinkedIn in the e-legal Group which I titled Is There A Response to Lawyer Hucksterism in Advertising? Crickets.

Did I Take the Wrong Approach?

So, I admit that this approach was not from the most positive perspective. In retrospect, I let my opinion be colored by the conversations I had. So I’d like a mulligan, a do-over.

So What is An Effective Way to Start a Conversation about Lawyer Advertising?

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  2. These conversations with attorneys are two-fold: I’m hearing that the legal services industry is shrinking and that lawyer advertising is undermining professionalism. These issues seem to be related to the point that the research encompasses both.