Having Heart

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Today, at least in the United States, there is a prevailing perception that decisions are weighed out by consulting the head and the heart. What is meant by the heart is emotion or feeling.  But emotions, feelings, and appetites flow from the gut rather than the heart. Personal decisions are made out by consulting at […]

Fixed Law Is a Partnership Between Attorneys, Technology, and Community

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If I was going to launch a website titled fixedlaw.com, it would concentrate on attorneys (the people part of attorneys), technology, and community.  During the pandemic of 2020, the global response was some form of quarantine and social distancing. Community took a hit. Like a small plant growing out of a crack in concrete, the […]

Culture of Compliance for Law Firms

Defining Culture of Compliance for Law Firms

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While developing the “Culture of Compliance” materials for the Enemy in the Camp continuing legal education course, I struggled for an accurate definition of a “Culture of Compliance.” There are lots of resources surrounding a Culture of Compliance – books, videos, lectures, white papers, etc. Few attempts have been made, however, to define it. I […]