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Lawyer Advertising and Professionalism

I am stumped. Every time I talk with a lawyer lately, they want to talk about lawyer advertising. It really gets my attention when I am travelling. It is certainly the first thing I see as I enter every city. Lawyer advertising on billboards appears often before the sign welcoming me to the city. Most […]

Awesome marriage

Three Ways to Have the Most Awesome Marriage Ever

According to my wife, I work a lot. Mostly I agree with her. When we first married I worked in technology and it was common for me to work all day, all night and all the next day. I have had a couch in my office for years because I discovered that I can sleep […]

Rawling Basketball inattentional blindness

Inattentional Blindness – Test a Friend

Inattentional Blindness Inattentional blindness is the failure to notice a fully-visible, but unexpected object because attention was engaged on another task, event, or object.1 Test a Friend Skeptical? Test a friend. Testing yourself won’t work because you are already aware that this is a split attention test. Knowing that, you will be more attentive to […]

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I am working on a response to Lawyer Advertising based on¬†Jagdish Sheth’s Hucksterism to Healing model to be released in 2017. Please join me in this discussion by providing ideas, feedback or participating in a discussion group.


I write a weekly post for Nobility Academy spotlighting extraordinary things accomplished by ordinary lawyers. Out of the work on my unpublished novel Unmasking Hour, I developed the materials for Enemy in the Camp which is a continuing legal education course as well as a mini-course for business. I have also written various Guides.


I am traveling to 18 cities to present Enemy in the Camp Рan intensive, hands-on, super-practical workshop to share what I learned from  turning my law firm over to a psychopath office administrator. This course is a continuing legal education for attorneys and a mini-course for businesses. I will also be sharing your lessons with my global audience. My extremely explicit agenda for the tour give you the tools to grow your practice without going before a disciplinary panel or to jail.