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title tile not your grandfather's law practice

Not Your Grandfather’s Law Practice Anymore

Just a couple of generations ago, professionals stayed in their lane. The clergy ministered. Accountants did accounting and attorneys practiced law. Those days are over. Pressures from the Financial Crisis of 2008 resulted in a distinct shift in the legal services industry as more general counsels brought work in house. Legal budgets were cut. This […]

Confrontation is a Christian Virtue

He who dares not offend cannot be honest.– Thomas Paine Confrontation does not have to be disruptive. It does not have to be condescending. It does not have to demand the accolades of being right, or more intelligent, or any other form of being better. It does not have to win an audience, village, tribe, […]


According to Michael C. Braswell in Justice, Crime, and Ethics, wholesight includes both the heart and the head in one’s decision making. It results in working together for the common good. In Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis writes that Without the aid of trained emotions, the intellect is powerless against the animal organism. I had […]

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I am working on a response to Lawyer Advertising based on¬†Jagdish Sheth’s Hucksterism to Healing model to be released in 2017. Please join me in this discussion by providing ideas, feedback or participating in a discussion group.


I write a weekly post for Nobility Academy spotlighting extraordinary things accomplished by ordinary lawyers. Out of the work on my unpublished novel Unmasking Hour, I developed the materials for Enemy in the Camp which is a continuing legal education course as well as a mini-course for business. I have also written various Guides.


I am traveling to 18 cities to present Enemy in the Camp Рan intensive, hands-on, super-practical workshop to share what I learned from  turning my law firm over to a psychopath office administrator. This course is a continuing legal education for attorneys and a mini-course for businesses. I will also be sharing your lessons with my global audience. My extremely explicit agenda for the tour give you the tools to grow your practice without going before a disciplinary panel or to jail.